Savings Bank Account
Minimum Balance Required to open account without cheque book facility SCR200
Minimum Balance Required to open account with cheques book facility SCR500
Minimum Balance Required to open account by expatriates With/without cheques book facility SCR500
Bank card FREE
Cheque returned for insufficient funds SCR500
Lost/ Replacement of Bank Card. SCR100
Balances below specified amount i.e R200/-(without cheque book)& R500/- (with cheque book) SCR50 p.m
Maintenance of Dormant a/c*
(*When account is not operated for -2-years)
No charge
Cash Transaction at the counter FREE
Unauthorized O/D (not allowed) 24%p.a on overdrawn account
Cheque Books 50 pages R175, 100 pages SCR250
Closing Charges NIL
Duplicate statement SCR10 per page

Current Account(Individual and Business)
Minimum Balance Required to open account SCR5000/-
Current a/c Closure charge No charge
Cheque books 50 pages SCR175, 100 pages SCR275
Cheque returned for insufficient funds SCR500
Temporary Overdraft 24% p.a on overdrawn account
Maintenance of Dormant a/c*
(*When account is not operated for-1- year)
Stop payment of cheque (per leaf) SCR100
Automated transfers FREE
Balances below R5000 SCR100 p.m
Maintenance fee(half yearly) SCR100
Ledger Fee (only for SCR accounts) SCR 2 Per entry
Cash Transaction at the counter FREE
Duplicate statement charge SCR20 per page

Foreign Currency Current Account
Minimum Balance Required to open Foreign currency account
a)For salary A/c

   For others

Equivalent to USD 25
Equivalent to USD 100
Inward transfers received from banks No charge
Maintenance of Dormant a/c No charge
Foreign currency account maintenance Non-Individuals (Per month)

USD, EUR & GBP – USD 5, EUR 5 and GBP 5 respectively

Individuals (Per month)

USD, EUR & GBP – USD 1, EUR 1 and GBP 1 respectively

Transfer within branch
-Same Customer
-Other Customer
Through online Mode
No charge
SCR 10
Cash withdrawal No charge
Cash deposit No charge
Local cheque collection USD 5
Cheque book 50pages(Current Account)) USD15

Fund Transfers
Local Payments  
Fund transfer through SEFT (Manual / Over the counter) SCR 20
Fund transfer through SWIFT (for any amount) SCR 75
Banker's cheques SCR50
Foreign Payments  
SWIFT/ TT ( in case currency/country differs) 0.25% of amount transferred
Min-SCR 150 - Max of SCR 750 plus applicable correspondent Bank Charges
Transfer to India in INR through Rapid Funds to India (against USD/EUR/GBP)
(against SCR Upto SCR 50000
More than SCR 50000

(** plus correspondence bank charge, if any)

SCR 60 (Only through branch)
SCR 75 (Through Branch) SCR 60 (Online Mode)
SCR 90 (Only through Branch)

Free Remittance in case both the remitter and beneficiary have an account with Bank of Baroda.
Foreign Drafts SCR400
Cancellation / Revalidation of draft / Banker’s Cheque SCR100

Standing Orders
Current a/c & Savings a/c(Internal transfer) No charges
Current a/c & Savings a/c(External payment) EFT SCR20/-
Current a/c & Savings a/c(Exter. payment) SWIFT SCR75/-
New standing order set up for external remittance.(One


Unpaid due to insufficient funds SCR100

Documentary Credits (Inwards)
Opening/ Establishment of LC 2% min. SCR300 p.q.> 3 months at Pro Rata basis
Advising/ Notification No charge
Negotiation 1% subject to minUSD50
Confirmation No charge
Amendment 2% of increased amount, min. SCR250.
Transferring of LC No charge
Acceptance 1% min. SCR250
Under other credits No charge
Commission on Payment No charge
Commission on Issuance No charge
Verification of documentation, collection No charge
Telex/Fax/ Swift sent at client's request SCR125

Documentary Credits (Outwards)
Notification No charge
Acceptance 0.50%minUSD40
Confirmation No charge
Negotiation 0.50%minUSD40
Opening/ Transferring 2%p.q minR400
Drawing/verification of documentation SCR100
Amendment 2% of increased amount, min. R250.
Shipping guarantee SCR500
Telex/ Fax/ Swift sent at client's request SCR125

Loan and Advances Fees
Business O/D & loans - fresh 1% min SCR300
Business O/D & loans – Renewal 1% min SCR300 max R50000
Commitment Charges on O/D 1% p.a. of Undrawn amount (Applicable if quarterly average utilisation of limit is less than 60% of sactioned Limit) Applicable Quarterly
Processing Charge for adhoc/Excess 2% of the amount sanctioned
Personal loan -On Sanction 1% MinR400 MaxR1000
Home loan: upto SCR 1.5 Mn

                     Above SCR 1.5 Mn

SCR 2500 For first home acquirer and 0.25% for others 0.50% of loan amount
Car loan - On sanction

1% MinR300
Loan against SCR denominated FDR

Loan/OD against Foreign currency FDR (Fresh)

OD against Foreign currency FDR (Review)
SCR 500 for loan upto SCR 1 Mn
SCR 1000 for loan above SCR1 Mn

0.25% of Loan amount with Min R500

1000 SCR
C/F Loan & Advance Fees, Processing Fee Amendment to loan contracts/agreement

For Loan upto SCR 1 Mn : SCR1500

For loan above SCR 1 Mn : SCR5000

Detail of loan repayment No charge
Pre-mature closure No charge
Part-repayment (require rescheduling) No charge
Prepayment charge: Loan in SCR currency

Loan in Fgn currency


2% on prepayment amount

Overdue penal interest 2%p.a on overdue amount
Legal Fee(as charged by the lawyers) Actual
Loan - cancellation of agreement (pre-disbursement) SCR500
Loan Eligibility Letter SCR300
No Dues / no commitment Letter SCR 100

Guarantees, Bonds, indemnities etc.
Immigration Guarantee/bond/indemnities. 1% p.a Min R500p.a
Financial Guarantee 2%p.a
Performance Guarantee 0.5%p.a

Bill for Collection(Inward and Outward)
Inward (documentary) 1%minimum SCR350+SCR300 transmission cost
Inward (clean) USD 30
Holding bill beyond due date SCR250/-
Outward(sight/tenor) 0.25%,minUSD20
Tracer to charges SCR200
Courier Charges Actual

Bank audit report to company's auditors Balance confirmation only-SCR100, with other detailsR200
Status report for customers SCR100
Safe custody / Locker Small – SCR1200 p.a. Medium- SCR2000 p.a., Large – SCR3000 p.a.
Loss of wallet/ key SCR5000
Attestation of documents SCR100 per documents
Foreign currency Fixed Deposit Premature Closure No Interest Payable on premature closure of Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit. Penalty Fee: Penalty of 1% of Deposit Amout per annum calculated on the period between the pretermination date and maturity date.
Monthly Statement over Email Free
SMS Alerts Free

Internet Banking Facilities
Transaction based Free of cost

Debit card
First card issuance Free
Regeneration of PIN Free
Reissuance of lost card SCR150

p.m - Per Month
a/c - Account
max - Maximum
LC - Letter of Credit
p.a - Per Annum
Fgn - foreign

PLR---9.25% W.E.F. 01-10-2021



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